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We take such confidence in the speed and performance of this distribution, we challenge you to find a faster and more stable one!

Here's a bit of info you may want on this project for how we do things differently:

No features you don't need which slow the device down, or put your data at risk of being stolen. If you want to give it away, it should be your decision.
A fast and clean install with no UX decisions made for you. You make the ROM whatever you would like.
A team constantly exploring totally new feature sets and optimizations geared toward you, the user
We utilize a plethora of optimizations in a build system unlike any other.
Each build has a toolchain built for your device at the time of build. No more generic toolchain android builds.
Consistently updated upstream toolchain module source with our custom backports, fixes, and optimizations applied in a patch at build time.
Fully built utilizing Link Time Optimization (another custom ROM first). Feel free to google this one a bit to get an idea of the performance gain.
Many repositories have code fixes, cleanups, and many minor optimizations which are too generous to even speak of here.
Optimizations are toggled on and off based on device for the best experience we can acheive for your device without sacrificing any stability.
Many Qcom optimizations and AOSP master (upstream) optimizations and fixes using device specifications to determine usage.
Fully built utilizing strict aliasing and isognu++11 mode.
Full "-O3" build. To those who don't know, this is the highest "optimization level" available in gcc that sets many other flags.


cfX-Toolchain 4.8.y+ // -O3 completely
strict aliasing & isoc++11 mode
LCD Density
Expanded Desktop
Custom Boot Animation
Custom Power Menu
Transparency Settings
Theme Chooser
Koush's Superuser
Enhanced Stock Kernel


We've merged with TeamEOS in a "no drama" merge and have welcomed many new highly talented developers to our team. Both our teams have been treating development differently for awhile, so the merge was bound to happen at one point or another. ;)

The following highly talented TeamEOS developers have been welcomed into cfX and listed in no particular order:

Bigrushdog aka randall.rushing aka BRD
Roach aka roach2010

We also have our previous highly talented cfX developers and contributors:


Like my work? Feel free to buy me a beer for early morning dev: HERE
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