GOAL[edit | edit source]

The goal of this kernel is to have a central place for developers in the community, who don't want the burden to maintain their own kernel, to have a place to do so. Many times, developers who work on these devices constantly develop issues with others or don't have time to incorporate new features. Our goal is to avoid all that. Anything and everything will be accepted, granted it doesn't break anything. show-p1984 has been kind enough to not only host the source but grant the use of his buildbot for this project. Every time source is pushed, the bot will start to build the kernel, zip up the package and finally upload it to my account.

My short term goal for this kernel is to add all the hotplug drivers available for Mako and incorporate them into it. As it stands we can only use Qualcomm's binary, show's MSM_mpdecision and faux123's Intelli-plug as they have switches to turn them off. These can be changed on the fly, as long as the user turns off all the hotplug drivers first then turns on the desired hotplug method. I'd also like to have an app that can control this, well a proper application to be exact.

LINKS[edit | edit source]

Master Source
Test Source

FEATURES[edit | edit source]

GCC 4.7.3
Voltage Control
Governor Control
Hotplug Control
CPU Overclocking // Underclocking
GPU Overclocking // Underclocking
3 Selectable Hotplug Drivers: MSM_mpdecision, Intellidemand & Qualcomm's mpdecision
MSM_thermal (3-Phase)
RGB Control
Gamma Control
Headphones Volume Boost
Headset Gain
Speaker Amp Controls
Microphone Amp Controls
WiFi Power Management Control
TCP Congestion Avoidance Algorithm
USB Fast Charge
S4 & Krait Optimizations

THANKS[edit | edit source]

Big thanks to show-p1984, he really kick started this project. One night I received a PM from him asking if I'd like to take this challenge on. He also helped me out a ton while setting up the repo and build. He really has been a great help.

Others I'd like to thank for their source, commits, hardwork, blood and tears:
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