RasVanilla Builds (from rascarlo's latest sources), with my own custom modifications. It has all the magic of carlo's optimizations under the hood. I was certain I couldnt get the same performance using Stock AOSP sources. I actually thought that I'd use RasSaber sources or SaberMod sources to build, but decided against it. To make these vanilla builds, there were two options:

1. The Easy Way - to make it look like vanilla by making settings, etc look vanilla, but there would still be a lot of customization commits and i didn't like the idea of this.

2. The Hard Way - to remove each and every customization commit to make a true vanilla build. This is very very time consuming. (so no.)

So I figured that it would be better to just build from the ground up.


Well I am a purist and seek for minimalism. I love Stock Android, but with certain modifications that I like for improvement in functionality. However, there's a specific set of features I want in a ROM, which I couldn't find it in Stock ROM. So I decided to build one myself with everything I needed. I have been building my own custom Vanilla Builds for a while and thought i should share my build with the community that has given me so much. Maybe there are people who seek these as well and it might help them out.




GCC 4.9 // -O3
Enhanced Power Menu
Enhanced Quick Toggles
Disabled Safe Headset Dialogue
Removed CRT Screen-Off
Clear All Recents
Volume Rocker Wake
T9 Dialer
dalvik/skia/bionic Optimizations
Performance Enhancements


AOSP - For Android.
CM - For an incredible amount work that they have put to make android so much more better.
rascarlo - For one of the best ROMs I have ever used and for his sources.
sparksco - For his help and a brilliant ROM that is just unbelievably quick. Please consider donating to this guy, he puts an unbelievable amount of work into his toolchain. Lets buy him a beer!
To MBQ_ - For the server space to host the ROMs, so that you people have unthrottled and fast downloads. Thanks man! Please consider donating to him so that he doesn't have to spend money from his pocket to keep up the server.
...and to all the others who have helped me in their own way to make this happen. Thanks!
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