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[[Category:Clock Icon Styles]]
[[Category:Clock Icon Styles]]
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[[Category:Privacy Guard]]
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INFO[edit | edit source]

The Dark Jelly 'N4 Edition' is a Custom ROM based on my Unofficial CM10.1 Build.

LINKS[edit | edit source]

Installation // Changelog

FEATURES[edit | edit source]

CM 10.1 Features
AROMA Installer
OTA (UpdateMe)
Custom Carrier Label
Custom Boot Animation
Custom Notification Drawer
Navbar Height
Advanced Reboot
Rotation Settings
Transparency Settings
Alternative Fonts
Enhanced Stock Kernel

CREDITS[edit | edit source]

Ricardo Cerqueira
CM-Team (for CyanogenMod)
ock (for his AlphaBlue Theme, and the permission to use his Theme, as a base for my modded theme)
acquariusoft (for the UpdateMe App)
Korumera (Big thanks for his Filehosting @XDA File Server)
TweetyPeety (for Custom-Android.de and Filehosting @Custom-Android-Fileserver)
jrummy16 (for the Root-Browser App)
owain94 (for the Code of my first Source-Code changes)
tonyp (for answering all my questions, I know they are a lot, )
M4rt1n94 (for betatesting my Builds, (especially the 0b user apps fix))
gerardroid (for the Holo (Dark) themed apps, PlayStore, GMail and GTalk)
svyat (for PDroid)
FFU5y (for OpenPDroid and PDroid Manager)
pastime1971 (for Auto-Patcher)
mateorod (for Auto-Patcher)
Everyone who had contribute to (OpenPDroid and PDroid Manager)
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