This Kernel is based off of Franco's Kernel with patches from various other sources, such as faux123, motley, Code Aurora Forums, Linaro, and others, to add features, stability, and optimization to the Kernel.




GCC 4.8.2
Per-App Power Modes
Hotplug Control
Voltage Control
Governor Control
Hotplug Control
CPU Overclocking // Underclocking
GPU Overclocking // Underclocking
Dynamic Scaling
Simple GPU Governor
Haptic Feedback Strength
RGB Control
Gamma Control
Headphones Volume Boost
Headset Gain
Speaker Amp Controls
Microphone Amp Controls
TCP Congestion Avoidance Algorithm
ZRAM Enhancements
Wireless Driver Enhancements
Events Logging
USB Fast Charge


Q. Will you add ___________ feature from ___________ kernel?

A. Ask nicely in the thread if it has not already been asked for and I'll determine what to do from there.

Q. Kanging is bad, you butt!

A. Don't use this kernel if you don't want to. All credit both here and on github was given to their respective authors, and I don't claim to be making this Kernel for my benefit.

Q. OMG HALP my WiFi keeps dropping zomg why???

A. Attach a logcat of it entering deep sleep and dropping a connection.

Q. My phone is bootlooping, WTF man?

A. Flash the reset kernel before flashing this Kernel, because some kernels use non-standard ramdisks which are incompatible bigtime with this Kernel.

Q. How do I control this Kernel?

A. Franco's Kernel Control application has 100% compatibility with this kernel, as this Kernel is based off his Kernel. Faux's Kernel control application has approximately 70% compatibility or so, as things such as intellidemand-specific parameters (Snake Charmer, Eco Mode, etc) are not yet available. Also, although color control works, gamma control does not work in faux's app. I've heard that TricksterMOD provides a good balance of tweaks available and that most things can be controlled from that app, but I have not tried it myself.


franciscofranco for the base
faux123 for his numerous kernel features/patches
LaboDJ for the supercharged base
bhanvadia for his patches
motely for his patches
SaberMOD for their optimization-related commits
showp1984 for his sweep2wake commits
dorimanx for his patch
CAF/Qualcomm for their dedication to the open source community
Google for being awesome


I will not be accepting donations of any kind for this kernel. Seriously, don't. I didn't write the majority of this kernel's features. All I did was compile it into one single, streamlined kernel. Instead, donate your money to the people given credit above. I don't need your money (I'm in high school) and I don't want it either
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