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[[File:Matr1xkernel.jpg|thumb|350px]][[File:Matrix Kernel v8.5|right|357px]]
[[File:Placeholder|video|right|300px]] [[File:Placeholder|right|300px]]
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==Section heading==
:::[ Official Website]
:::[ XDA]
:::[ Git]
:::[!/mathkid95 Twitter]
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:::GCC 4.7
:::Governor Control
:::Voltage Control
:::CPU Overclocking // Underclocking
:::GPU Overclocking // Underclocking
:::IO Scheduler
:::Auto Hotplug Driver
:::USB Fast Charge
:::Headphones Volume Boost
:::Headset Gain
:::Speaker Amp Controls
:::Microphone Amp Controls
:::TCP Congestion Avoidance Algorithm
:::RGB Control
:::Gamma Control
:::Accuracy Filter
:::192MHz min_freq
:::PGM Support
==Section heading==
:::If you like my work, feel free to [ '''DONATE''']
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[[Category:4.7 Toolchains]]
[[Category:Governor Control]]
[[Category:Voltage Control]]
[[Category:GPU Overclocking]]
[[Category:GPU Underclocking]]
[[Category:CPU Overclocking]]
[[Category:CPU Underclocking]]
[[Category:IO Scheduler]]
[[Category:USB OTG]]
[[Category:USB Fast Charge]]
[[Category:Headphones Volume Boost]]
[[Category:Headset Gain]]
[[Category:Speaker Amp Controls]]
[[Category:Microphone Amp Controls]]
[[Category:TCP Congestion Avoidance Algorithm]]
[[Category:RGB Control]]
[[Category:Gamma Control]]
[[Category:192MHz min_freq]]
[[Category:Custom Kernel]]
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