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:::Floating Window
:::Floating Window
:::Expanded Desktop
:::Expanded Desktop
:::ListView Animations
:::Navbar Height
:::Navbar Height
:::Transparency Settings
:::Transparency Settings

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ABOUT[edit | edit source]

MoKee OpenSource is based on the Google AOSP and CyanogenMod. We update our source code frequently to keep up with the latest development, without forgetting to merge in special features of our own at the same time.

Since this project is open source, anybody interested can participate in its development. Newcomers are always welcome!

LINKS[edit | edit source]

Official Website
Code Review

FEATURES[edit | edit source]

CM 10.1 Features
Odexed // Deodexed
PA Halo
Floating Window
Expanded Desktop
ListView Animations
Navbar Height
Transparency Settings
Custom Carrier Label
Custom Boot Animation
Recents SideBar
Smart Dialing
IP Dialing
CRT On/Off
Permissions Manager
Magic Fun Desktop
MoKee NotePad
Enchanced Stock Kernel
Optimized Code // Improved Efficiency

CREDITS[edit | edit source]

General Developers: xilence, lovemrdeng, wszfer, chenleicpp, Ryuinferno, martincz
Maintainers: rmcc, martincz
Phone Location: zxmlysxl
Translators: xilence, martincz
Special Thanks: CyanogenMod, Google, Koush, ParanoidAndroid
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