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:::System Theming
:::System Theming
:::Motorola Applications
:::Motorola Applications
:::Meow & Stuffs

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ABOUT[edit | edit source]

Here is my first ROM for the Nexus 4. I did not know what to do so I made a manufacturer based ROM. In this case it is the Motorola Blur User Interface. I have done many manufacturer based/port ROM's before, so I did what I liked and shared it with the community. This ROM is 100% usable as it has the base of the stock Google Android 4.2.1 ROM. It has all the Motorola Blur Theming, with some applications.

LINKS[edit | edit source]


FEATURES[edit | edit source]

CM 10.1 Features (up to 4.2.1)
Motorola UI
System Theming
Motorola Applications
Meow & Stuffs

CREDITS[edit | edit source]

DowntownJeffBrown: Being very supportive
DirtyHamster: For putting up with the whippersnapper
Ctowne: Some bro thang goin' on
GMD Guys
boykioy: Themer
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