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That bass drop

That bass drop.



Nexus devices have pitifully low volume. Previous fixes like the Volume+ app and Franco's app only increased the volume on music playback, or in the headphones, but did nothing for in-call volume or notifications.

This mod changes all that. It will increase ALL volume, across the entire phone: ringtone, music, notifications, loudspeaker sound, ear speaker sound, in-call volume, and headset.


User Presets


Universal for all Kernels and ROMs.
All major players, including: Google Music, Noozy, PowerAMP (see note below), Apollo, PlayerPRO.



Configure EIZO, Select it in Music Effects.
Refer to the Op for EIZO settings.
Practice tuning your own values. EVERY user has their own listening experience. What sounds good to one and not the other doesn't become the fault of the MOD.
Keep backups of your Alsa Mixer if you use call recording BEFORE flashing this MOD
Keep backups (The revert is safe) but I am not responsible for loops if you flash this on another device.
Flash the MOD after every ROM flash. Not necessarily kernel flash.
Search if your ROM has been mentioned. KEYWORDS are a must. Example is 'PA works' and the results will be displayed. If not feel free to ask and I shall assist you.


Test the loudness via Settings. There is an implemented system limiter so you can't tell the difference. Call yourself or
sms yourself so you can know the difference.
Complain of distortion without testing your own values. I've set a recommend layout in the OP hoping it's to give you an idea.
'Error 7' is a halt procedure. Please debug the error and see what's written before saying Error 7 only.
Alternate flashing. (I know some of you prefer to flash the Gnexus mod on the N7 but doing so breaks the media codes, if you have the patience to swap the media codes in etc folder of the N7 then it's fine)
Don't use Noozy lockscreen controls, they're unreliable till a new app is remade.
Don't use compression in EIZO. Causes massive volume fluctuations as it was set to be an AVLS.
Please refrain from asking about PowerAMP as it denies the use of third party DSP's which make PlayerPro a better alternative.


If you like my work, feel free to buy me a beer.


Awesome.. who's done a great job, and a big thanks to bigxie too for the epic 4.1 port.
montrealguy for fixing up this guide for me where it wasn't as clear as it should be, Thanks buddy, much appreciated.
TheGingerbreadMan for testing out and giving feedbacks on each version religiously to make sure it works flawlessly.
Cyanogen Team for their epic libs.
MASSIVE MASSIVE THANKS! to r-ikfoot! If not for you I wouldn't have gotten beat's working back again. And of course Alastor89 for guiding me to the right path. Kindly go over to his thread and show him some love.
hidato_aori's partnership with Noozy + EIZO Labs
osm0sis for writing the noob-proof installer and revert in the newer releases to make it safer and easier for everyone, as well as completely universal.
Bewinxed & osm0sis for organizing this post for me.
...and of course, Massive thanks to the community for their feedback, appreciation to a massive audiophile (me) and to those involved in the project to make GNexus an amazing smartphone among the rest. Thanks to everyone who supports this project.
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