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:::Back in the ICS days, i started to build rascreamsandwich for me and for my friends [ Morfic] and [ Simms22].
:::They told me to share my builds, and so i did and still do.
:::Pure AOSP with dalvik/skia/bionic optimizations.
:::A collaboration with XDA Recognized Developer, [ sparksco].
:::Pure AOSP, combined with the sheer power of RasSaber.
:::[ XDA]
:::[ rasbeanjelly - changelog // download]
:::[ rasvanilla - changelog // download]
:::[ RasSaber - changelog // download]
:::[ gapps - changelog // download]
:::[ Twitter]
:::[ G+]
:::[ Git (rasbean)]
:::[ Git (RasSaber)]
:::rasbeanjelly UI - Black Background // Blue Holo Glow
:::themed - Contacts, MMS, Settings, Keyboard, Navbar, Statusbar, Quick Toggles.
:::Custom LED Notifications
:::Custom Lockscreen
:::Custom Navbar
:::Quick Pulldown
:::Disable Safe Headset Dialogue
:::dalvik/skia/bionic Optimizations
:::Performance Enhancements
:::GCC 4.9 (RasSaber)
:::CM PIE (RasSaber)
:::[ Morfic] and [ Simms22] for being my friends and for being them.
:::[ fitsnugly] for euroskank
:::Android Open Source Project
[[Category:Custom LED Notifications]]
[[Category:Custom Lockscreen]]
[[Category:Custom Navbar]]
[[Category:Quick Pulldown]]
[[Category:Disable Safe Headset Dialogue]]
[[Category:4.9 Toolchains]]
[[Category:CM PIE]]
[[Category:Heavy Theming]]
[[Category:Stock Kernel]]
[[Category:Lions & Tigers]]

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