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Kernel Source


A ROM built from AOSP source, with an additional 40+ Linaro patches to the source for strict-aliasing compiler optimizations. ROMs include Linaro string handling routines for memory optimizations. No android kitchens were used to make this rom at all, everything is source build

All ROMs and kernels are built with SaberMod toolchains. The ROMs are built with GCC 4.9 toolchains. Kernels are built with GCC 4.8 toolchains.


GCC 4.9
CM Bionic as a Base
Theme Chooser
Enhanced Browser
Advanced Calculator
Enhanced Stock Email
Command Line Tools
Custom Power Menu
Expandable Volume Control
Volume Rocker Music Control
Circle Battery Mod w/ Percentage
Show/Hide clock // AM/PM Style
Openvpn, Openssh sources
Clear All Recents
Custom Lockscreen
Custom Navbar
Custom Navigation Ring
Custom Statusbar
Quiet Hours
Rotation Settings
PA Halo
Battery Bar
Long Press Back to Kill
Launch default music app when headset plugged in
Disable Safe Headset Dialogue
Power sounds toggle
Extra Build Optimizations


Linaro 4.8 Toolchains
Based on Google's latest Kernel source for Android 4.2.2
Added ARM Optimizations.
Merged CyanogenMod Kernel
Merged Harsh's Kernel
Merged latest Linux Kernel always
Added PA Halfbreed Colors
Reverted some Extreme UV Changes
Added showp1984 swype2wake feature.
Added faux123 Sound Mods.

Buy Sparksco a Nexus 4!
Sparksco has been working very hard to build a blazing and minimalistic ROM for our Grouper & Mako devices. Unfortunately, he doesn’t own a N4 device and can’t test his build as he would like. Let’s buy him one! I think it would be a great way to thank him for his work and will help to improve its code.
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