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==Section heading==
:::[ Official Website]
:::[ XDA]
:::[ Changelog]
:::[ FAQ]
:::[ G+]
:::[ Twitter]
:::[ Facebook]
:::[ Git]
:::[ Bugs]
:::[ SlimTeam]
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:::[ The Real Dark Slim]
:::[ SlimPIE]
:::[ Notification Drawer Shortcuts]
:::[ Lockscreen Shortcuts]
:::[ Custom Quick Settings Tiles]
:::Full Hardware Key Rebinding!
:::Keyboard Rotation
:::[ SlimCenter]
==Section heading==
:::OTA (SlimOTA)
:::Custom Lockscreen
:::Custom Navbar
:::Custom Statusbar
:::Custom Notification Drawer
:::Custom Power Menu
:::Custom LED Notifications
:::Custom Navigation Ring
:::Custom Boot Animation
:::Custom Quick Toggles
:::Dynamic Tiles
:::High-end Graphic Effects
:::Automatic Brightness Levels
:::Transparency Settings
:::Disable Safe Headset Dialogue
:::Ascending Ringtone
:::LCD Density
:::UI Mode
:::Dual Panel Mode
:::Quiet Hours
:::Quick Pulldown
:::Expanded Desktop
:::Theme Chooser
:::CM/AOKP Cherry Picks
:::Performance Optimizations Throughout
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:::[ All donations are greatly appreciated.] - Thank you.
:::Awesome CM Team- for device, vendor and great dev work.
:::AOKP- Some cherry picks ;)
:::Google - for providing source
:::Stratosk - for sgs kernels & mako kernel
:::DT3CH and Melissapugs- for the boot animation
:::Eugene - for the speedy kernel source.
:::TeamWin - for the awesome TWRP recovery
:::Koush - for CWM
:::chad0989 - for the Fast Charge patch
:::KaliAmochz - for big mem patch without breaking video recording
:::ktoonsez - for ramdisk enabling myfluxi's kernel to work on Slim Bean (sgs2)
:::intermediaterepresentation - for One X device and vendor files
:::tortureduck - for providing a server to host
:::bedalus - for the crespo kernel
:::Myliferocks10 - for multidpi mod
:::Roman Nurik - DashClock
:::RaymanFX - nozomi kernel
:::iBotPeaches - apktool
:::theos0o - YouTube
:::franciscofranco - mako kernel
:::showp1984 - mako kernel
:::motley - mako kernel
:::Ezekeel - mako kernel
:::nyt - Slim IRC app
:::car vs driver - Skyrocket & Hercules kernel
:::All our great testers for testing all our builds and providing great feedback.
[[Category:Dark UI]]
[[Category:Custom Lockscreen]]
[[Category:Custom Navbar]]
[[Category:Custom Statusbar]]
[[Category:Custom Power Menu]]
[[Category:Custom LED Notifications]]
[[Category:Custom Navigation Ring]]
[[Category:Custom Boot Animation]]
[[Category:Custom Quick Toggles]]
[[Category:Automatic Brightness Levels Adjustment]]
[[Category:Transparency Settings]]
[[Category:Disable Safe Headset Dialogue]]
[[Category:LCD Density]]
[[Category:UI Mode]]
[[Category:Quiet Hours]]
[[Category:Quick Pulldown]]
[[Category:Expanded Desktop]]
[[Category:Theme Chooser]]
[[Category:Custom Kernel]]
[[Category:Dual Panel Mode]]
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