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:::LCD Density
:::LCD Density
:::UI Mode
:::UI Mode
:::Dual Panel Mode
:::Quiet Hours
:::Quiet Hours
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:::[https://www.paypal.com/us/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_flow&SESSION=G4b-BrOSzKrADlAtEs_TSbVh6i8ARZhrKAJJeNAskZQDLXcmvrcVgGZ4T0S&dispatch=5885d80a13c0db1f8e263663d3faee8d14f86393d55a810282b64afed84968ec All donations are greatly appreciate. Thank you.]
:::[http://www.slimroms.net/index.php/donations All donations are greatly appreciated.] - Thank you.
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[[Category:Theme Chooser]]
[[Category:Theme Chooser]]
[[Category:Custom Kernel]]
[[Category:Custom Kernel]]
[[Category:Dual Panel Mode]]

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LINKS[edit | edit source]

Official Website

SLIMBEAN DEVELOPMENTS[edit | edit source]

The Real Dark Slim
Notification Drawer Shortcuts
Lockscreen Shortcuts
Custom Quick Settings Tiles
Full Hardware Key Rebinding!
Keyboard Rotation

FEATURES[edit | edit source]

Custom Lockscreen
Custom Navbar
Custom Statusbar
Custom Notification Drawer
Custom Power Menu
Custom LED Notifications
Custom Navigation Ring
Custom Boot Animation
Custom Quick Toggles
Dynamic Tiles
High-end Graphic Effects
Automatic Brightness Levels
Transparency Settings
Disable Safe Headset Dialogue
Ascending Ringtone
LCD Density
UI Mode
Dual Panel Mode
Quiet Hours
Quick Pulldown
Expanded Desktop
Theme Chooser
CM/AOKP Cherry Picks
Performance Optimizations Throughout

[edit | edit source]

All donations are greatly appreciated. - Thank you.

CREDITS[edit | edit source]

Awesome CM Team- for device, vendor and great dev work.
AOKP- Some cherry picks ;)
Google - for providing source
Stratosk - for sgs kernels & mako kernel
DT3CH and Melissapugs- for the boot animation
Eugene - for the speedy kernel source.
TeamWin - for the awesome TWRP recovery
Koush - for CWM
chad0989 - for the Fast Charge patch
KaliAmochz - for big mem patch without breaking video recording
ktoonsez - for ramdisk enabling myfluxi's kernel to work on Slim Bean (sgs2)
intermediaterepresentation - for One X device and vendor files
tortureduck - for providing a server to host
bedalus - for the crespo kernel
Myliferocks10 - for multidpi mod
Roman Nurik - DashClock
RaymanFX - nozomi kernel
iBotPeaches - apktool
theos0o - YouTube
franciscofranco - mako kernel
showp1984 - mako kernel
motley - mako kernel
Ezekeel - mako kernel
nyt - Slim IRC app
car vs driver - Skyrocket & Hercules kernel
All our great testers for testing all our builds and providing great feedback.
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