Asylum (Galaxy Note Review)

Asylum (Galaxy Note Review)


Asylum CM ROM started its life on Samsung Galaxy Note a good while ago. Now it has matured to a CM10.1 Mako edition. This ROM is small, fast, battery friendly, blacked-out and smooth. This Asylum edition has only 133Mb - it's 42Mbs lighter than the official CM10.1.


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CM 10.1 Features
GCC 4.7
Dark UI: Settings, Clock, Phone, Messaging,c ontacts, SystemUI & Framework
CM9/10 Theming Compatibility
Ad Blocking
UI Tweaks
Addon.d Scripts
Performance Tweaks


antiochasylum, Rom creator, a nice guy and a genuine Texan straight shooter
chasmodo, bad tempered, caustic and grouchy n7000 and mako Jenkins
Jack The Ripper, our Linux scripting genius, a proper English gentleman with a penchant for getting kicked out of clubs
Sunny2303, well spoken, gentle and generous n7100 Jenkins


CM team and Team Hacksung, obviously.
Utacak™ for being there in the moments of dire compiling need.
Milady for being ever so nice to me and everybody.
Alcoholic Anonymous, born 1973 ad, for testing, Freaking Questions and all the roflness.
Gugelhupf for addon.d scripts, cool bootanimation, testing, Asylum header and all the lollary.
zeppelinrox and bartito for entropy boost.
bangsti for being a friend, supplying fast mirrors and creating Asylum wallpaper app.
Sasha for being there at all times.
kufikugel and SlimBean Team for some blackout images.
Asylum Community for being such wonderful wackos and making XDA an incredibly enjoyable place.
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