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[[File:OPBanner.jpg|thumb|333px]][[File:AOCP Review|right|340px]]
[[File:OPBanner.jpg|thumb|300px]][[File:AOCP Review|full|right|307 px]]
AoCP is a new source that we have put together, based from CM. We have thrown in our own modification. It is Android Open Collective Project.   Its the First of many for many.
:::[ XDA]
:::[ Git]
:::[ G+]
:::[ Facebook]
:::[ Twitter]
:::[ CM 10.1 Features]
:::Custom Notification Drawer
:::Custom Boot Animation
:::Disable Boot Animation
:::Close All Recents
:::UI Mode
:::Dual Panel Mode
:::LCD Density
:::Rotation Settings
:::Heavy Theming
:::Enhanced Stock Kernel
:::[ LiquidSmooth] for the propmodder source.
:::CyanogenMod - for paving the way.
:::Team Kang - for the source.
:::TheCollective Team
:::DMAN3285 - ya'll have no idea how much time he spent setting up the [ SOURCE.]
:::ruger94 and Fezzy102 - for compiling apks in for me while i was doing other mods and apps.
:::ee23hd2 - for theming and providing apps i wanted done but couldn't find the time for.
:::flappjaxx - for the revised source code for the OTA and Kernel source!
:::joedv - for starting the OTA to begin with.
:::Sully6789, PeteSeiler2010 & aaronrw - for testing.
[[Category:Rotation Settings]]
[[Category:Enhanced Stock Kernel]]
[[Category:LCD Density]]
[[Category:UI Mode]]
[[Category:Custom Boot Animation]]
[[Category:Custom Navbar]]
[[Category:Custom Statusbar]]
[[Category:Custom Power Menu]]
[[Category:Custom Lockscreen]]
[[Category:Clock Icon Styles]]
[[Category:Battery Icon Styles]]
[[Category:Custom Notification Drawer]]
[[Category:Koush's Superuser]]
[[Category:Custom Quick Toggles]]
[[Category:Quiet Hours]]
[[Category:Quick Pulldown]]
[[Category:Automatic Brightness Levels Adjustment]]
[[Category:Custom LED Notifications]]
[[Category:Expanded Desktop]]
[[Category:CM PIE]]
[[Category:CM Camera]]
[[Category:Theme Chooser]]
[[Category:Dual Panel Mode]]
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